Blackie Update: She can run!

YAY Running!

Tiara D. Blue

In this post here, I talked about Blackie’s fight with epilepsy and how she has been beating it one step at a time.  I mentioned that although she was now able to walk, she still couldn’t run.

Well, I’ve got good news.

A few days ago, she pelted after one of her doggie friends, Abby, and instead of dropping into a winded, panting heap (like she normally does), she continued to run, chasing and playing with her friend for five solid minutes.

I nearly cried.

Lane was excited because he couldn’t keep up with her (which is a first for him).  And because he could see how happy I was, he clapped his hands.

Then the waterworks really started.  I can’t put into words the relief I felt to see Blackie sprint like that.

(Sorry, no pictures or video.  My phone was in the house.  But I’m definitely documenting…

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