Hello world! Meet Seize The YAY!

This website is for celebrating the YAY moments in your family.  There is a whole community our there wanting and willing you to post your stories so they can cheer you and your loved ones on.My sister was born into this world with Special Needs.  As her sibling, I remember people always remarking on her smile and happy spirit.  Now, I am a mother to a son with Special Needs and hear the same comments.

I have heard that people who have Special Needs are angels on earth.  I do know one thing– much pleasure and happiness seems to radiate from those who have Special Needs.


3 thoughts on “Hello world! Meet Seize The YAY!

  1. LOVE this!!!!! Sometimes we insiders in the world of special needs get so caught up in meeting the “needs” that we forget to take a look around and see all the wonderful things happening in this special world of ours. Thanks for bringing it all to mind!!!


    • Alyson, I’m glad you like posts. It’s kinda my daily therapy. I wake up searching for the positive. I’ve noticed that it’s really made the siblings of my Special Needs son happy too. They love finding the YAY moments to celebrate.

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